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Our dashboard houses artificially intelligent algorithms made to drive actionable insights.
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Why A.I?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) enables us to answer questions that require human intuition. Capable of replicating everyday decision-making processes, A.I. can be taught to make predictions with tangible levels of accuracy.
This allows us to craft intelligent systems that serve to provide intuitive answers, elegantly complimenting the knowledge of the investment banker and exponentially increasing the value of service provided to their client.
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Buyer’s Universe Creation

Healthcare Alpha
Our solution to the task of creating the buyer’s universe is the Intelligent Synergy Predictor (I.S.P). This artifically intelligent algorithm attempts to create the optimal buyer’s universe based on the client’s goals, company attributes, and financials.
Whether your client is looking to maximize their sale value or find a strategic partner to recapitalize their business and drive growth, the I.S.P will supercharge this effort to reach you and your client’s goals.

In seconds, the I.S.P makes 60,000 evaluations on 20 potential relationships between your client’s company and active investors enabling you to strategically target only those investors that would be most incentivized.


Investment Banks, PE & VC Firms
$1,000 / month
  • 10 Seats
  • No Data Partnership Requirement
Data Partner
Investment Banks, PE & VC Firms
$750 / month
  • 15 Seats
  • Data Partnership Requirement

Popular Questions

How does Conceptor AI work?
Conceptor.ai serves to be an answer to the question, “How can we benefit from artificial intelligence?” in the context of investment banking, private equity, or venture capital. We strive to provide automated solutions that are driven to be more effective and efficient to the same efforts of a human.
Do you store our data?
Conceptor.ai stores data simply for the continued usage of the software. We will never reuse or redistribute data that is not expected to be. The only data we will store and use to create a better user experience is the data that is submitted through our Data Partnership Program. Even then, this data will not be exactly disclosed, although the insights we derive will be.
Is my data secure?
Conceptor.ai is always striving to implement best practices for cybersecurity. As a result, your sessions and data are protected in the cloud by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and are encrypted over HTTPS.

Regardless, we believe internal best practices of using aliases such as, “Project Eagle” should be utilized while using Conceptor.ai.

If you have a question about our security, feel free to reach out to internal@conceptor.ai for further reassurance. If we do not have a practice in place that you wish to see, we may implement it swiftly.

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